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    Recommendation on Prices


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    Recommendation on Prices

    Post  Red_Otter on Wed Aug 22, 2012 1:28 pm

    It can be hard to remember a number, specifically if playing with a droid. May I suggest we round down prices so they end in 000....

    I don't think we're gonna sweat a few credits here an there.
    From a marketing perspective I think:

    -Fused Composite Plating = 1.2 mil c
    -Internal Bulkhead Assembly = 75 mil c
    -Milanar Master Computer = 125 mil c
    -Plasma Reactor = 178 mil c
    -Corvus Widowmaker Kit = 650,000c
    -Fluid Formable Silksteel Alloy = 1 mil c
    -Stygian Furie Kit = 600,000c
    -Reinforced Bulkhead = 15 mil c
    -Tellar Urlam Mine = 12 mil c

    Looks better than

    -Fused Composite Plating = 1,253,724c
    -Internal Bulkhead Assembly = 75,107,347c
    -Milanar Master Computer = 125,734,449c
    -Plasma Reactor = 178,412,717c
    -Corvus Widowmaker Kit = 653,797c
    -Fluid Formable Silksteel Alloy = 1,046,362c
    -Stygian Furie Kit = 608,552c
    -Reinforced Bulkhead = 15,145,114c
    -Tellar Urlam Mine = 12,249,331c

    On That note, it would be awesome if we could propose to the devs either a guild 'page' that people can pull up in game where we display prices, or better yet a guild store (But seeming as they cant even make other more simple changes to the game I doubt this would happen...
    Hmm.. Wait a second. Just got an idea... plugins like targetless and MAID have their own screen pop up... maybe we can do a guild store plugin where people can see our prices, locations of goods and which guild member is online to message.... hmmmmm.... Anyone familiar with writing VO plugins?
    Neon Black

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    RE: Recomendation on prices

    Post  Neon Black on Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:10 am

    Those prices I posted were simply the amounts calculated using mine and Subsonica's price calculating spreadsheets. As stated in the post, any and all sales made to customers are entirely open to the discretion of the individual TRI member making the transaction. I just posted those numbers so you all could get an idea of what I myself (and Subsonica) value those goods at.

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