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    Price List - Manufactured Goods/ Kits

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    Price List - Manufactured Goods/ Kits

    Post  Neon Black on Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:37 am

    These prices are estimates based on data collected and assembled in the verse through cooperative guild collaboration (variables such as commodity value, weight, amount required, and haul rates varying by commodity usually 1000-2500c per system per haul). We believe these prices to be fair and honest in relation to the effort put into their construction and the convenience of sale.

    I want to be clear that, for the time being, MOST ORDERS WILL BE INDEPENDENTLY CONTRACTED WORK AND PRICES OR DEALS MADE WILL BE SUBJECT TO THE DISCREPANCY OF THE INDIVIDUAL [TRI] MEMBERS. We will not be able to sell stock goods until our resources are sufficiently organized and our team is more efficient at working cooperatively toward guild goals.

    That being said, these prices then represent what we value our goods at. At this point in the development of the guild, barter is highly encouraged and deals can be made on an individual basis.

    -Fused Composite Plating = 1,253,724c
    -Internal Bulkhead Assembly = 75,107,347c
    -Milanar Master Computer = 125,734,449c
    -Plasma Reactor = 178,412,717c
    -Corvus Widowmaker Kit = 653,797c
    -Fluid Formable Silksteel Alloy = 1,046,362c
    -Stygian Furie Kit = 608,552c
    -Reinforced Bulkhead = 15,145,114c
    -Tellar Urlam Mine = 12,249,331c

    Other requested pricing for builds or bundles should be posted here.

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